Types of Car Services

Interim Car Service

Full Car Service

Major Car Service


A car's maintenance check-up that is done at least every year or after the vehicle has travelled a certain number of miles. The car manufacturer specifies the service intervals by creating a service schedule that you should follow.

 There are three types of car service: Interim, Full and Major car service. When you opt for different garages and dealerships, there are set packages which includes everything that's in the level. Every level of service depends how many miles you complete in a year and what type of service you have taken previously.


Interim Car Service

Interim Car service is also sometimes called a 'Basic' service. This service include Oil change, Oil filter change and inspection of the car's components like lights, tyres and windshield wipers.


The Interim package also includes lubrication, top-up of the engine, brake and other fluids to check for any fluid leaks. It includes a wider range of checks and service replacement parts in addition to those carried out during basic services.


Full Car Service.   

A full service, also known as an Intermediate or silver service is usually recommended every 12 months or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first. It's ideal for drivers doing lower annual mileages who will only have their car  serviced once a year. It includes a wider range of checks and service replacement parts in addition to those carried out during basic services. Some of the services which are included in Full car services are


ü Air Filter Change

ü Fuel Filter/Spark plugs change

ü Extensive brake inspection

ü Wheel bearing and shock absorbers inspection

ü Electrical components ( e.g. battery, alternator and starter motor) tested

ü Air conditioning system inspection

ü Radiator and coolant hose checked



Major Car service


Major car service is the most advanced and detail servicing level which is recommended every 24 months or 24,000 miles. If you have taken full service earlier, than you should go for major service for your next servicing. This package is the most comprehensive service package which includes everything that you get in full service. This service includes replacement of brake fluid and cabin filter. After some point of time, brake fluids can become contaminated, it may no longer be able to stop the car which could have serious problems when driving. Even the clogged cabin filter can cause various problems due to dust and debris, replacing or changing will improve the cabin's air quality.



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