Narendra Modi has got new wheels

The car was spotted during the meeting between Narendra Modi and Russian President Vladimir

Putin at Hyderabad House in New Delhi.


As per the news portal, the Mercedes-Maybach S 650 Guard offers the highest level of armoured protection available on a car. The vehicle can withstand bullets and can take an assault from AK-47 rifles.


The fully protected and armored Mercedes-Maybach S 650 Guard joins the elite club of Range

Rover Vogue and Toyota Land Cruiser that have been a part of the PM's official fleet.


The car gets an explosive Resistant Vehicle (ERV) due to it's capability of protecting occupants

from a blast of 15 kg TNT from a distance of two metres. The cabin has separate air supply in case of gas attack.

The windows has polycarbonate coating on the inside. The top speed is restricted to 160 kmph.

Other creature comforts are carried over from the standard maybach S-class including the plush interior with seat

massagers. The Special Protection Group is responsible for safeguarding the country's state heads.

Did you know? SPG orders for two identical cars with the second vehicle used a decoy. The  vehicle costs about Rs 12 crore.


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