Interesting Facts about Honda

Honda initially started producing bicycles

Honda initially manufactured Bicycles, Soichiro Honda - Founder of Honda Company originally thought of manufacturing Bicycles, A team of men created engines which were fitted to bikes after which the Company become the world's Largest motorcycle manufacturer.


More than Cars

Honda is the largest Bikes manufacturer in the world, but did you know that from making Cars and Bikes, they also manufacture water crafts, ATVs, mountain bikes, Lawn equipment, and solar cells, they have also developed a robot called ASIMO.


Private Jet

Honda makes a private jet aircraft, The HA-420 HondaJet is powered by Honda engines.


First Japanese luxury car company

The Honda Acura which was released in 1986 is the first Japanese automotive Luxury brand Car company.


Founder of Honda

The founder of the brand, Soichiro Honda, started off as an uneducated motor mechanic

in Tokyo at the age of 15


Formula One

Honda entered Formula One in 1964 as a constructor, and today it supplies engines to the Mclaren team


Honda in US

Honda produces many of its vehicles right here in the United States


Thought behind Car names

Lots of thought goes before deciding model names, the Name Accord was chosen because Honda wanted to create a vehicle that represented a harmony between people and the automobiles they drive.


Honda has won races

Honda is the most successful carmaker of all-time at the Indy 500, The company has won more races, and completed more laps than any other carmaker. Honda has won 10 Indianapolis 500 races at the brickyard, also more than any other automaker


The Acura NSX was Compared to a ferrari

Acura may be the most well - known for it's NSX performance sports coupe, a futuristic mid engine - engine go fast machine that looked a lot like a ferrari.


The first scooter by Honda

The Juno K was the name of the first Honda's scooter. It was produced in 1954 and was the 1st Honda model to be exported to the US


The first Motor company using V-tech engines

You might not know that Honda uses V-tech engines. Make no mistake was the first company using it in producing vehicles.

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