What should you do if your Car just stopped in middle of heavy traffic road?

First and the most important thing is to stop panicking as it may create more problem.


Don’t panic switch on your emergency / parking lights . 


Look for nearest traffic police you can reach to if possible ask them to block the road for you.


Do remember always ask for help from people around you they will surely help you and also do appreciate their work after the work gets done.


If you have a co-passenger with you then please ask them to get outside the car (or if possible you can do it yourself as well) and guide the traffic behind you with your parking lights on.


With the help of people push the car to the left most side of the road with people behind the car guiding the traffic to slow down.


Don’t crank the engine multiple times as it will drain battery immediately.


Try  push start method. Engage 2nd gear and keep clutch disengaged while vehicle get a movement slightly engage and disengage by push - release of pedal.


Check Battery Terminals are tight. Loose contacts will not allow heavy current which required during starting. So tighten it with spanner. If not available ask somebody to pull the wires on terminals and hold, so that it is not moving. Try starting in this position and it will start.


Check all plug wires are intact. Remove and Refit it again and start


If still not working out, Remove battery terminals and Wait for 20 minutes. This will allow all sensors to get grounded and all inner status registers get reset in ECU. Mean while you can check engine oil levels , Coolants etc. Mostly this will be OK, unless had a hit or rubbers gone wrong.


Open bonnet and find out fuel pipeline coming from rear tank. Turn the key and observe fuel coming to engine. If not then fuel pump faulty or filter in tank clogged .Both cases you need to go to workshop.


Incase you are out of station , just grab the manual of your car, and check the nearest service station, and make a call for road side assistance.


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