The Car colour and maintenance behind them

Did you know that each colour of the car has a different meaning to it and it needs different types of maintenance for each colour, White tends not to show scratches, dents, or even scrapes, however a black or dark coloured variant will highlight scratches significantly. As you know black colour is famous for making the body slim, whereas white makes the car look larger.

Interior of these cars has many options as white goes with every colour like black and grey etc

In that sense, white and silver cars require the least amount of maintenance

Let's see which colour has what meaning to it.


The White Colour 

Did you know that white is the most popular colour among the customers.

This colour symbolizes elegance and peace. One interesting fact about white colour is that minor scratches and dents are not visible, which makes it easy to maintain.

It's a bit difficult to maintain compared to other dark colours, but it is still popular with customers. One of the most important and great features is that white colour tones down the temperature and heat especially in summers.


The black Colour

Black can be difficult and expensive for some people as it's the hottest colour and when the temperature rises the paint heats up too, which causes the interior to heat up along with it.

Black cars are sometimes the most common colour involved in road accidents, but it does have a good side to it . The black colour denotes power and gives the car a premium look, and it is also a very adaptable colour as the black colour looks good on every car.


The Dark Blue Colour

Dark blue is not black, but it is also similar to black and hard to maintain, Scratches and marks are more visible on dark colours when brushing or cleaning it with a sponge. Dark colours such as blue can impact from fading in hot and humid areas.

It’s hard to maintain but worth all the hard work as the look it gives to the car is priceless.


The Red Colour

The Red cars are vibrant as they may stand out in the rain, fog and snow but they

are not considered safe as other colours. The colour Red can blend with traffic and brake lights, which may not be safe compared to other colours. But one of the advantages of the red colour is that it doesn't loose its charm even after many years, it still looks vibrant.


Silver Colour 

Silver is the easiest to take care of, Dust hardly shows up

If you are living in a place where dust is present, silver will be a good option as it won't require a wash every other day.

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